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Tired of waiting for your deposits to clear?
Posted by Gail H. at 10/31/06 06:59 PM

Where is Your Deposit? Are you finding that the money for checks you write and other payments you make is leaving your account faster than ever, but the checks you deposit are still subject to pesky “check holds” that make you wait to spend the money you’ve deposited? Read more »

Have you heard of medical ID theft?
Posted by Michelle at 10/27/06 06:17 PM

Identity theft has gone beyond numbers, and into your medical records. Thieves are taking on others' identities to get care, obtain higher priced medications... Read more »

Can Pictures Really Combat Hackers?
Posted by Michelle at 10/25/06 11:45 AM

As someone who banks on-line, I have wondered whether these Site Keys (those little random pictures that pop up once you log onto your account) really help combat identity theft and fraud. So--do they really help keep you and your money more safe? Read more »

Double Take on Double-Cycle Billing
Posted by Michelle at 10/22/06 12:34 PM

Do you know what double-cycle, dual-cycle, two cycle billing is? A recent GAO report reviewed 28 popular credit cards from 6 issuers, and 2 of the 6 issuers used double-cycle billing on one or more popular cards between 2003 and 2005. So, it's time to figure out this credit card industry practice and attack it head on now...because if you don't, it means you're paying way more interest than you may have thought. Read more »

Have you received a notice?
Posted by Michelle at 10/20/06 02:05 PM

It's hard not to become a little overwhelmed, and maybe even de-sensitized, after hearing announcement after announcement of a data security breach. But what do you do when YOU get a notice that your SSN and other sensitive data has been compromised and may fall into the wrong hands? Read more »

Are You Knee Deep in Credit Card Fees?
Posted by Michelle at 10/19/06 05:17 PM

You're certainly not alone. A recent GAO (Government Accountability Office) report on credit card industry practices found that over one third of credit card holders were charged a late fee last year. Now, you might be saying that this is all the consumer's fault, but not when the terms are muddled and undecipherable in itty-bitty print, or when you've sent the bill in on-time and for some reason it didn't get processed until after the due date. Read more »