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Gift Cards and Leftovers
Posted by Michelle at 11/29/06 11:38 AM

Your refrigerator is likely full of leftovers from the Thanksgiving holiday, but is your wallet also stuffed with leftover gift cards from last year's holiday season? Some states have different gift card consumer protection laws which may limit fees and expiration dates. So if you're giving a gift card this year, you may want to know what additional fees, if any, will be incurred and whether it may expire before it's even used. Read more »

It's Always Christmas Time (for VISA)
Posted by Michelle at 11/20/06 12:12 PM

Did you know that credit card companies can change the terms of your contract at any time? That's just one of the credit card traps that can trip up consumers and lead to spiraling debt. Read more »

Still on the Lookout
Posted by Michelle at 11/10/06 03:29 PM

Even with the new Congress, reports, "Not everything looks so rosy on the identity theft front. Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH), sponsor of what critics (including Consumers Union) called the 'worst data bill ever,' retained his seat in Congress, though he will lose his position as chair of the Transportation Subcommittee. Read more »

The Election and ID Theft
Posted by Michelle at 11/09/06 05:13 PM

The issue of financial privacy and ID theft protections may have influenced the way we chose this past Tuesday. AARP conducted a recent survey finding that over 80% of those polled were either very likely or somewhat likely to vote for a candidate who supported protecting consumers' privacy. Read more »

Hunting for Hackers and Thieves
Posted by Michelle at 11/07/06 04:07 PM

David Lazarus wrote a column that appeared in last Friday's San Francisco Chronicle about Gymboree (a children's clothing company) and their independent investigation to try to find out how laptops with employees' sensitive personal information went missing. Read more »