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WSJ Article: Squaring Off!
Posted by Michelle at 01/29/07 12:15 PM

What do two experts think about data security breach notification laws? Our own Gail Hillebrand "squared off" with Oliver Ireland, of Morrison & Foerster in today's Wall Street Journal. Read more »

Didn't get a letter in the mail about the TJX breach?
Posted by Michelle at 01/24/07 05:13 PM

You've likely heard about the hacker that made way into the TJX database (operators of retail chains including TJ Maxx and Marshalls) full of drivers' license, credit card, debit card information recently, or maybe not so recent as some reports are now saying the breach may have occured in May. Read more »

credit card fury
Posted by Michelle at 01/24/07 11:18 AM

For the past few years, we've been calling on Congress to do something about the unfair credit card practices that have left many Americans in a downward debt spiral. Here are 2 recent articles reaffirming that real reform needs to happen now. USA Today has a feature article on seniors and credit card debt, oftentimes brought on by medical bills. Read more »

Eight more states
Posted by Michelle at 01/12/07 06:02 PM

Eight more states had their security freeze laws go into effect at the beginning of the year. The security freeze can help protect your identity and your finances. It lets you lock up your credit files so that fraudsters can't open up new accounts and rack up mountains of debt. Read more »