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The Word's Out, the Freeze is on Yahoo!
Posted by Michelle at 02/21/07 07:08 PM

The freeze is on the first page of Yahoo! today, February 21st. Word must be getting out that the security freeze is a good tool for consumers to use to help prevent new identity theft and fraud. Read more »

Is Your Credit Card Company Sweet on You?
Posted by Michelle at 02/13/07 12:19 PM

If your credit card company is squeezing the love out of you, it's time to send Congress a message this Valentine's Day that you want better terms in this debt relationship. Read more »

Those Sensitive Numbers
Posted by Michelle at 02/08/07 06:25 PM

It's not that ID theft is the new hot topic, but the Washington Post has a couple of good articles that ran recently regarding those numbers that should be handled or guarded with care. Read more »

Don't Pay for a Fraud Alert
Posted by Michelle at 02/01/07 06:57 PM

Don't be fooled into paying for services that place a fraud alert or help stop the junk mail from coming in. These are both required by law to be free! Read more »