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How Many Freeze States Are There Now?
Posted by Michelle at 05/17/07 02:49 PM

Many state legislatures have either wrapped up, or are in the process of winding down. If your state did not yet offer the security freeze, you may be in luck as a number of states have passed legislation to provide you with this preventative identity theft tool. Read more »

A story behind a security freeze law
Posted by Michelle at 05/16/07 03:36 PM

I've reported that 35 states plus the District of Columbia have passed security freeze, or credit freeze legislation. But what happens behind closed doors? What's the story? Who are the players? The story of how an individual in Delaware took the credit freeze issue up and built up a massive coalition against big bucks to pass a law in his state recently ran in the Washington Post. Read more »

Fed Up with Long Check Hold Times
Posted by Michelle at 05/07/07 01:53 PM

Are you tired of waiting for the checks you deposit to clear? In late April 2007, the Federal Reserve Board quietly released a study saying that there are no problems with check hold times. But, we’ve heard from many fed-up consumers that banks are still making you wait too long before you can use money from checks you deposit. Read more »

Freeze Facts
Posted by Michelle at 05/02/07 05:44 PM

By now, you may have heard of this nifty identity theft prevention tool called the security freeze. But, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what the security freeze is and what it can do. So, I've decided to put together some quick facts about the security freeze. Read more »