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Are you really getting a "Free" credit report?
Posted by Michelle at 07/19/07 05:20 PM

I'm sure you have seen those "get your 'free' credit report and credit score" ads on TV and all over the net. Another Consumers Union project, Consumer WebWatch funded a study by Robert Mayer, Professor of consumer studies at the University of Utah on these various "free" credit report and credit score offers. Read more »

Posted by Michelle at 07/06/07 05:23 PM

If overdraft fees enrage you, you’re not alone. Karney Hatch has written and directed "Overdrawn! The Documentary," a “feature-length documentary film exploring the predatory lending practices of the major national banks.” The movie will be premiering at the Clinton Street Theatre in Portland on August 2 and expects to open in more theatres. Read more »

Who should decide if you get notice of a security breach?
Posted by Michelle at 07/05/07 05:46 PM

The federal Government Accountability Office issued a report today entitled: Personal Information Data Breaches are Frequent, but Evidence of Resulting Identity Theft is Limited; However, the Full Extent Is Unknown. It has some troubling language suggesting a limitation on notice of security breaches based on some kind of a risk standard, such as whether misuse is reasonably possible.—which means you won’t always be told when your information has been lost or stolen. Read more »