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America's banks missing the mark on banking fees
Posted by Michelle at 08/27/07 03:16 PM

Last Tuesday the American Banking Association (ABA) released a survey showing that "sixty-five percent of consumers spend $3 or less in monthly fees." Read more »

Thanks Bank of America for raising the fee…
Posted by Michelle at 08/23/07 01:33 PM

You may soon discover, or have already discovered, that you are paying more cash to get cash. Bank of America has raised the fee to $3 for all non-customers who use their ATMs…nearly double what most banks charge. According to, the average ATM surcharge fee is $1.64. Read more »

Opting Out
Posted by Michelle at 08/08/07 04:21 PM

We've heard from a number of consumers about how they had placed their names on the Do Not Call, or other opt-out lists, and yet still obtain solicitations they do not want. Why is this? Because there are more places than one where you'll need to opt-out. Luckily, the World Privacy Forum has identified a Top Ten list of Opt-Outs which also can help explain just why you may be still obtaining a pre-approved offer from your bank. Read more »