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Tell TransUnion, Experian and Equifax you deserve the best
Posted by Michelle at 09/21/07 06:03 PM

This may be the perfect opportunity for consumers to make an impact and obtain more control over their credit files and identities through a low-cost, easy to use security freeze. Read more »

Security Freeze for ALL
Posted by Michelle at 09/19/07 06:07 PM

TransUnion announced yesterday that they will be extending the security freeze to all consumers in about a month. Beginning October 15, 2007, TransUnion will offer the security freeze for no cost to identity theft victims and for $10 for non identity theft victims in states that do not yet have a security freeze law on the books. Read more »

Consumer Reports Poll Finds 89% of Americans Want Lawmakers to Restrict the Use of SSNs
Posted by Michelle at 09/06/07 01:53 PM

If you've been concerned about the widespread use of your SSN, you're not alone. A recent Consumer Reports Poll has found that 89 Percent of Americans Want Lawmakers to Restrict the Use of Social Security Numbers, and that Americans are routinely asked for Social Security Numbers by businesses and government agencies, fueling concerns about identity theft. Read more »