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The Spooky Truth About Credit Cards
Posted by Minerva Novoa at 10/30/07 03:43 PM

Just about the time the sun goes down, the trick or treaters will arrive. But what about the creepy credit card tickster in my mailbox? Say NO to credit card rip-offs. Go to Read more »

Got Money?
Posted by Brent Scott at 10/18/07 12:52 PM

A new documentary film, “Overdrawn,” provides a humorous yet sobering look at the issue of hidden banking fees associated with common banking practices. Read more »

Gov. Schwarzenegger terminated your protection!
Posted by Brent Scott at 10/17/07 12:29 PM

On Saturday, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation that could have protected California consumers from identity theft. Read more »

Experian Steps Up
Posted by Brent Scott at 10/04/07 06:36 PM

On Thursday Oct 4th Experian became the last of the Big Three credit reporting agencies to announce, in a press release, that the company would offer the security freeze (the most effective tool in fighting new account fraud) to all consumers nationwide, DC and in the US territories. Experian’s press release stated that the company would begin the program on November 1st of 2007. Read more »