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Spending is not the way to save
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 02/22/08 06:14 PM

Monday’s Tip from Money Mom – Bank of America’s “Keep the Change” and Wachovia's "Way2Save" programs aren’t the way to build up family savings. Instead, pick an amount to save from every paycheck and “pay yourself first” by making an automatic deposit directly into savings every time you get paid. Read more »

Read your bank statements carefully
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 02/11/08 12:14 PM

Money Mom’s Monday Tip: Read Your Bank Statements Carefully Read more »

Telephone check? Could the Wachovia “demand draft” problem happen to you?
Posted by Gail H. at 02/06/08 12:57 PM

Did you know that your bank can pay someone from your checking account because that person says you authorized it - even though you never signed a check? Read more »

Kiss Credit Card Rip-offs Goodbye!
Posted by Meg Bohne, Campaign Organizer at 02/04/08 04:27 PM

We're taking aim at unfair industry practices... Read more »