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Challenge: What Type of Overdraft Service Do You Have?
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 06/23/08 06:00 PM

Do you know what will happen if you accidentally overdraft your bank account? Read more »

Stop Asking for My Social Security Number!
Posted by Gail H. at 06/16/08 03:21 PM

Alaska has just enacted a strong new law to stop government and businesses from requesting, collecting, selling, or disclosing Social Security numbers unless the number is needed for certain specific purposes. Read about this new state law. Don't live in Alaska? Tired of giving out your Social Security number? Read about what your state lawmakers could do to protect you.. Read more »

New Way of Lending?
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 06/11/08 12:52 PM

College students may have another way of raising funds to pay for their room, board, books and other necessities for the upcoming school year. Social networking has now extended itself into the lending business. Read more »

To the Grad: Words of Wisdom from Consumer Advocates
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 06/02/08 01:16 PM

Congrats graduates! Money mom would like to share a recent article that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle which provides some money management wisdom from consumer advocates around the country. Read more »