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Defend Your Dollars is the website of the Consumers Union Financial Services Campaign, where we support reforms to the financial marketplace to curb bad practices by banks and lenders.

Best plan of action for your money- Stay Put
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 09/29/08 10:58 AM

We understand that it is nerve wrecking to hear about bank failures and government bailouts, but rest assured, your money is safer where it is than in a shoebox under the bed. Read more »

Bailout: Who gains, who pays?
Posted by Gail H. at 09/23/08 11:46 AM

What do you get for $700 billion? Banks don't go under? What about those empty houses in so many neighborhoods? Consumers Union says that any bailout should be designed to stabilize neighborhoods, not just banks, by stopping the foreclosures. Read more »

Is my money safe?
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 09/16/08 05:46 PM

Bank accounts are insured for $250,000 under federal deposit insurance, and most brokerage investments are protected by a private scheme for losses of up to $500,000, but your money might not be protected if you have money on a retailer gift card or this month’s paycheck on a prepaid card. Read more »

Gift Cards: The gift that can stop giving
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 09/12/08 11:33 AM

Who doesn’t love the idea of gift cards? They are quick, easy to find, and there seems to be one for every retailer under the sun. Read more »

New report grades banks, insurers and brokers on financial privacy.
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 09/02/08 11:16 AM

The Consumer Federation of California Education Fund, a nonprofit not affiliated with Consumers Union, has issued a “Financial Privacy Report Card,” describing the privacy policies of banks and other financial institutions doing business in California. Read more »