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Don’t spend our tax money to support credit card debt with unfair terms!
Posted by Lauren at 01/29/09 01:41 PM

Groups are seeking additional eligibility conditions on all financing by the TALF for credit card securitization pools. Read more »

Is There Anybody Out There???
Posted by Gregory Foster at 01/29/09 01:25 PM

Image of robot on the phone Ever get the feeling that the Big 3 credit bureaus just aren't listening or even responding to your problems when you are working to correct a credit problem? A new report with the sexy title of Automated Injustice: How a Mechanized Dispute System Frustrates Consumers Seeking to Fix Errors in Their Credit Reports by the NCLC documents how the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) handle (or do not handle) credit reporting disputes. Read more »

Second Chance for Opt-In to Overdrafts!
Posted by Lauren at 01/26/09 11:49 AM

Here's your chance to tell the Fed that you want the right to opt-in (or not) to high cost overdraft services! Read more »

Get your tax refund in advance? Maybe not.
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 01/21/09 08:13 PM

With credit card interest rates going up, you may be considering an advance on your tax refund. Called a tax refund anticipation loan (RAL), this is not exactly an advance, but a loan, and millions of people are signing up. Read more »

Unfinished Business: What’s not in the credit card rule
Posted by Gail, the money mom at 01/07/09 05:49 PM

There's more to do on credit cards. Read more »