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What the Defenders are Reading: Credit cards, Home buying, Renting, Mortgage, Foreclosure and more
Posted by Tim at 02/27/09 01:30 PM

Our weekly round up of what is going on in the world of consumer finance and BEYOND... Read more »

Johnnie Lee Bussie: One of the Faces of Foreclosure
Posted by Tim at 02/27/09 11:20 AM

“You don’t want to lose what you already got, because it’s hard to start all over again.” --Johnnie Lee Bussie Read more »

Will our tax dollars be used to finance credit card debt with unfair terms and practices?
Posted by Gail H. at 02/25/09 04:30 PM

On Jan. 29, we blogged about a new Treasury Department program, called the TALF, the Term Asset Backed Securities Loan Facility. We pointed out that our tax money shouldn’t be used to back credit card debt when the terms and conditions on the credit card are unfair to individuals. On Feb. 10, the Treasury Secretary announced a major expansion in the TALF program. It will be increased from a $200 billion program to “up to” one trillion dollars. The soon-to-be-launched program gets a new name, the Consumer and Business Lending Initiative. It will cover more types of loans and now it will use $100 billion of our tax dollars to support the program, instead of the original $20 billion. But, no protections for individuals have been announced. Read more »

Will Treasury Secretary Geithner Side with Consumers or with Banks in Major Case before SCOTUS
Posted by Kathy Mitchell at 02/25/09 05:53 AM

GUEST POST BY MARK SAVAGE, CU Senior Attorney. Treasury Secretary Geithner and Attorney General Holder must decide whether they will reverse the Bush Administration’s long standing position that states cannot enforce state laws against predatory lending practices by banks—the kinds of practices that lead directly to the current economic crisis. Read more »

Congress is not giving up on credit cards
Posted by Lauren at 02/24/09 03:36 PM

Four bills have been introduced in Congress, to protect consumers from bad credit card practices sooner than July 2010. Read more »

Quibbling with Jarvis
Posted by Tim at 02/19/09 12:52 PM

Lately the market for financial services is changing faster than Facebook's terms of use. When we have a moment to breathe, here are some very interesting conversations we've noticed around the web. Read more »

Obama's Foreclosure Plan
Posted by Tim at 02/18/09 04:14 PM

The Obama administration’s plan to fight foreclosures provides long overdue help to Americans at risk of losing their homes. President Obama today unveiled a $75 billion foreclosure prevention program aimed at spurring banks to modify at-risk mortgages and empowering bankruptcy judges to help borrowers restructure mortgages. Read more »

The Faces of Foreclosure –Langdon McAlpin
Posted by Tim at 02/16/09 03:05 PM

"I got the feeling I was just a number. They've hurt a lot of people, we're just one of them." —Langdon McAlpin Read more »

Let's be Frank, a Moratorium on Foreclosures? It's a Great Idea!
Posted by Tim at 02/11/09 01:28 PM

Earlier today Barney Frank called for a moratorium on all foreclosures until President Obama’s plan can be put into affect. We couldn’t agree more. I know that Langdon McAlpin in Georgia, who is scheduled to have his home sold in foreclosure on March 3rd , would love to have just a couple extra months to see if this plan is going to help him. Waiting to kick people out of their homes hurts no one. Read more »

Obama's Bailout: More Reforms Needed!
Posted by Tim at 02/10/09 12:44 PM

Help Americans Struggling with High Cost Mortgage and Credit Card Debt Read more »

Faces of Foreclosure- Launched
Posted by Tim at 02/04/09 11:35 AM

Compelling video project on how foreclosure is impacting America Read more »