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Summary of Pew Study on Credit Card Practices
Posted by Minerva Novoa at 03/30/09 05:45 PM

Pew Charitable Trusts conducted a study of the 12 largest credit card issuers Read more »

It’s a big week for credit card legislation!
Posted by Lauren at 03/30/09 03:28 PM

The House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking Committee will vote on consumer friendly credit card bills this week. Read more »

Consumer Complaints Work: JP Morgan and Chase to issue Refunds on Credit Cards
Posted by Tim at 03/27/09 03:25 PM

Following consumer group testimony this month about abusive credit card fees and practices, JPMorgan Chase has decided to refund the $10 per month fee added to 400,000 low-interest cards that started this year. Read more »

What are the common sense reforms we need?
Posted by Kathy Mitchell at 03/26/09 04:48 PM

President Obama told Jay Leno that we have a right to expect that our financial products won't explode, so how do we get there? Our own Gail Hillebrand testified this week before Senate Banking with some ideas. Read more »

CU overdraft activists are in the news!
Posted by Lauren at 03/26/09 03:26 PM

Overdraft stories are big news as the deadline for comments to the Fed approaches on March 30th. Read more »

Obama says it's time for common sense credit card reform
Posted by Kathy Mitchell at 03/24/09 03:34 PM

President Obama, last week told Jay Leno and millions of viewers that it's time for common sense credit card reform. We whole heartedly agree. Read more »

New programs helping today’s homeowners
Posted by Minerva Novoa at 03/20/09 06:03 PM

New Obama Administration programs helping today’s homeowners. Read more »

Capcom Rep Responds
Posted by Michelle at 03/17/09 03:47 PM

Capcom's Prepaid Card Changes...A bit Updated Read more »

FSPC: Slowing The Race To The Bottom
Posted by Tim at 03/13/09 09:56 AM

Guest Blogger: Julia Caplan How the Financial Product Safety Commission will work for you Read more »

Nebraska Identity Theft Bill Advances
Posted by Michelle at 03/12/09 11:12 AM

GUEST POST by Jaimee Napp, Executive Director of Identity Theft Action Council of Nebraska: Recently, the Nebraska Unicameral unanimously gave its first round approval to a security freeze enhancement bill (LB 177). In 2007, Nebraska passed The Credit Report Protection Act allowing all Nebraska consumers to freeze their credit. Read more »

Those pesky overdraft fees--the Fed needs to hear from you too!
Posted by Lauren at 03/12/09 07:52 AM

CU sent the Federal Reserve Board its comments this morning on a proposal that would finally do something about all those overdraft fees that you never approved. The formal comment period ends this month--so take a moment to add your voice. Read more »

Another Federal Watchdog Agency? It's a Good Thing
Posted by Tim at 03/10/09 03:19 PM

Senators Durbin and Schumer just proposed a federal consumer watchdog agency to look out for your money. Read more »

The Faces of Foreclosure— Tomás Hernandez
Posted by Tim at 03/10/09 11:29 AM

"It didn't turn out the way they said it would. The only option we have is to leave our house." —Tomás Hernandez Read more »

Know the rules of the game before taking Capcom card
Posted by Tim at 03/04/09 04:48 PM

This one's for the gamers (or maybe the parents of gamers). Read more »

Wow! Decisions based on actual data!
Posted by Tim at 03/04/09 03:10 PM

Consumer Union responds to the Presidents call for a new regulatory system. By Gail Hillebrand Read more »

Faces of Foreclosure—Argy Tripodis
Posted by Tim at 03/02/09 04:22 PM

“They’ve told us we can either walk away, we can look at foreclosure. That’s not a nice choice.” --Argy Tripodis Read more »