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Overdraft Options
Posted by Tim at 05/29/09 03:07 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman Going off the momentum of credit card reform in Congress last week, Rep.Maloney and others are targeting banking practices - specifically overdraft fees. Read more »

Thank You!
Posted by Tim at 05/26/09 04:05 PM Guest Blogger Arone Silverman Thanks to all those who took action on the Credit CARD Act of 2009!! Read more »

Advanta Closing Down Small Business Credit Card Accounts
Posted by Tim at 05/26/09 03:53 PM

According to reports from small business owners maybe that isn't such a bad thing. Read more »

How will the credit card reforms help you?
Posted by Kathy Mitchell at 05/25/09 12:31 PM

How will the new credit card reform passed and signed by the President last week help you with specific problems or complaints about your card? We're waiting to answer your questions. Read more »

When do the credit card protections go into effect?
Posted by Lauren at 05/22/09 04:44 PM

Time line for Credit Card Protection Effective Dates Read more »

Financial Literacy or Die
Posted by Tim at 05/22/09 02:28 PM

ABC will be airing a "hip" special called “Unbroke: Everything You Need to Know About Money,” on May 29 9-10 PM. "BOOM, That's Math All Over Your Face!" Whatever works is cool with us. Read more »

Move over Goliath, David’s moving in
Posted by Tim at 05/22/09 12:54 PM

Guest Blogger: Norma Garcia, Consumers Union Senior Attorney This week has been one that will go down in the history books of consumer rights. Read more »

Obama Providing More Financial Protections
Posted by Tim at 05/22/09 11:15 AM

Guest Blogger: Mark Savage, Consumers Union Senior Attorney President Obama transforms a small step in policy into a potentially giant leap for consumer protection nationwide. Read more »

Stop Selling My Student!
Posted by Tim at 05/21/09 03:36 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman The new credit card bill will restrict how credit cards are sold to young people. Check out this discussion between the Consumerist and senior economic adviser to Obama, Austan Goolsbee. Read more »

FPSC - The Ball Keeps Rolling!
Posted by Tim at 05/21/09 11:06 AM

Guest Blogger: Julia Caplan With the backing of the Obama Administration, the Financial Product Safety Commission (FPSC) could soon become a reality. President Obama has been meeting with industry officials and lawyers to discuss launching a new federal agency to protect consumers of everyday financial products, such as credit cards, checking accounts and mortgages. Read more »

No More Foolin’
Posted by Michelle at 05/20/09 04:33 PM ads are going to sound a little different soon. If you didn’t know it yet, is the only website that offers truly free credit reports to consumers. Read more »

Are the Banks getting traction in their spin cycle?
Posted by Tim at 05/20/09 04:03 PM

On the front page of the New York Times the Banks claim that giving you the deal you signed up for is actually bad for you. We call bogus on their scare tactic! Read more »

24 Capricorns voted YES for credit card protections
Posted by Lauren at 05/20/09 02:54 PM

The House voted to pass unprecedented credit card protections for consumer and the bill is off to the President for his signature. See the House's complete voting record here. Read more »

On to Obama’s Desk!
Posted by Tim at 05/20/09 02:26 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman The Credit CARD Act of 2009 easily passed yesterday with a vote of 90 - 5 in the Senate and 361 - 64 in the House of Representatives. This means real and fair protections for you. Read more »

Some More Money in your Pocket
Posted by Michelle at 05/19/09 04:12 PM

Even in this gloomy economy, gift card sellers have continued to profit significantly—all the while many consumers continue to be ripped off by numerous fees and early expiration dates… Read more »

How will the Senate's credit card bill protect you
Posted by Lauren at 05/19/09 04:10 PM

Read a summary of the bill here. Read more »

Mr. Yurkiw goes to Washington
Posted by Tim at 05/19/09 03:10 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman Both houses have now overwhelmingly passed Credit Card Reform Bills because of everyday citizens like you getting involved. Read more »

Consumers Union meets Lou Dobbs Tonight
Posted by Tim at 05/19/09 10:20 AM

Gail Hillebrand, Consumers Union Senior Attorney, will appear on Lou Dobbs tonight. Read more »

Unprecedented credit card protections PASS the Senate!!
Posted by Lauren at 05/19/09 10:00 AM

Senate JUST voted to pass the Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights! Read more »

Colbert on Credit!
Posted by Tim at 05/12/09 09:38 AM

The Colbert Report takes on the credit card industry after eating cat food. Surreal yet hilarious. Read more »

Bipartisan credit card protections!
Posted by Lauren at 05/11/09 05:10 PM

Senators Dodd and Shelby announced a bipartisan agreement today, on the language of a credit card reform bill. Here's what the bill will do for you. Read more »

Got a Question on Credit Cards?
Posted by Tim at 05/11/09 02:30 PM

Our friends at are taking a field trip to the White House Read more »

Credit Card Reform on Colbert Tonight
Posted by Tim at 05/11/09 11:18 AM

Our insiders tip is that Tonight at 11:30pm EST 10:30 Central on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report credit card reform will be the focal point of hilarity. Read more »

S. 414 - End Arbitrary Rate Increases
Posted by Tim at 05/07/09 03:37 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman Senate bill will protect consumers against arbitrary rate increases – there will have to be justification for raising your APR. Read more »

S. 414 – Defying Universal Default
Posted by Tim at 05/05/09 02:09 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman This week the Senate will be voting on the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 which will address many long time consumer protection concerns. One of those concerns is Universal Default. Read more »