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Defend Your Dollars is the website of the Consumers Union Financial Services Campaign, where we support reforms to the financial marketplace to curb bad practices by banks and lenders.

America's Most Wanted takes on Identity Theft
Posted by Tim at 06/30/09 02:13 PM Guest Post: Jaimee Napp, Executive Director, Identity Theft Action Council of Nebraska Read more »

Chase Raises Minimum Payments On Credit Cards
Posted by Tim at 06/29/09 03:00 PM

Chase has increased the minimum payment from 2% to 5% affecting thousands of cardholders! What's changing in your wallet? Read more »

Rising Foreclosures, Evictions and Scams What’s Going On?
Posted by Tim at 06/25/09 02:06 PM

Norma Garcia Disconcerting news for California homeowners seeking loan modification. Foreclosures keep piling on. Read more »

I want my CTV! Financial Reform to Protect Consumers- More Videos!
Posted by Tim at 06/22/09 10:33 AM

In the president's weekly address he explains the CFPA. Imitation is the highest compliment. Read more »

CU explains the CFPA.... ON VIDEO!!!
Posted by Tim at 06/19/09 02:43 PM

Gail Hillebrand, Financial Services Campaign Manager for Consumers Union explains the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA)- What it is, What would do and How YOU can help. Read more »

Obama Vs. The Federal Reserve
Posted by Tim at 06/18/09 02:51 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman With the announcement of his plan for a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), President Obama was met with a lot of disapproval from the Federal Reserve. Now, everyone has an opinion and it is up to Congress to take the next step. Read more »

Consumer Financial Protection Agency - What it is and What it does
Posted by Gail H. at 06/17/09 05:07 PM

The President’ today released his comprehensive plan to fix the oversight of financial products and markets. Read more »

Gearing Up for Bankruptcy
Posted by Tim at 06/17/09 04:51 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman Eddie Bauer’s gone bankrupt. So what does that mean for all those gift cards you've been waiting to use to outfit your next mountain adventure? Read more »

Treasury Releases Report: Financial Regulatory Reform: A New Foundation
Posted by Tim at 06/17/09 09:01 AM

An 85 page report that recommends the creation of a new agency to safeguard consumers from unfair financial products. Read more »

Oversight for Financial Products Being Announced- What's in it for you
Posted by Gail H. at 06/16/09 03:59 PM

No more meltdowns or financial rip offs – President proposes an agency to write fair rules for all types of consumer credit, bank accounts, and similar products. Read more »

Consumer Colleague AFFIL Highlighted
Posted by Tim at 06/12/09 02:35 PM

AFFIL gets a huge shout out in the Florida Sun Sentinel Read more »

Attn Starbucks Lovers: Two Other Reasons to Keep a Watchful Eye on Debit Card Usage
Posted by Michelle at 06/10/09 10:33 AM

About a million customers who paid with debit or credit cards were double billed for their Starbucks purchases during the weekend of Memorial Day, according to USA Today. The coffee giant has since corrected the problem, which was due to a “processing snafu.” Read more »

Advanta Sign of the Times as Small Businesses Struggle
Posted by Tim at 06/08/09 10:18 AM

Small business owners are feeling the pressures of the recession and the recent CARD Act offered no relief. Read more »

CRL Report on Car Lending in N.C.
Posted by Tim at 06/04/09 03:19 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman The Center for Responsible Lending recently released a report on car lending practices found in North Carolina. The study highlights a couple of problems affecting Carolina consumers. It found consumers who rely on the dealer to finance their auto loans are vulnerable to a litany of predatory practices. Read more »

A Historical Look at the Credit Card
Posted by Tim at 06/03/09 11:07 AM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman As far back as the late 1800s, consumers and merchants exchanged goods through the concept of credit, using credit coins and charge plates as currency. It wasn't until about half a century ago that plastic payments as we know them today became a way of life. Read more »

BofA Targeting the Most Vulnerable
Posted by Tim at 06/02/09 04:35 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman The California Supreme Court has sided with Bank of America Corp., saying it can charge overdraft fees on accounts that include Social Security deposits. Read more »

Deadbeats Become Target Market
Posted by Tim at 06/02/09 10:56 AM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman Deadbeats may once again become the target audience for credit-card marketing. Read more »

Q&A- The Credit Card Legislation
Posted by Lauren at 06/01/09 11:59 AM

You asked your questions last week, here is a compilation of the Q&A. Read more »