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NY's AG goes after Debt Collectors
Posted by Tim at 07/24/09 02:20 PM

Instigates more crack downs on debt collection industry Read more »

Fed Up
Posted by Tim at 07/24/09 01:46 PM

Top Ten reasons to not trust the Fed when it comes to consumer financial protection Read more »

Consumer Union's Tips for Gift Cards
Posted by Tim at 07/21/09 11:02 AM

CU Staff Attorney Michelle Jun offers practical tips and what to watch out for when it comes to gift cards. Read more »

Goldman Sachs reports profits and huge bonuses
Posted by Tim at 07/15/09 04:38 PM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman Goldman Sachs announced Tuesday that it had earmarked $11.4 billion so far this year to compensate its workers. Read more »

Tips for Buying Online
Posted by Michelle at 07/07/09 03:46 PM

It’s no secret that consumers today are spending money with more care, looking for bargains and buying only necessities. It’s good that consumers are being more cautious about their spending habits. But, more consumers are also choosing debit or alternative payment methods for online shopping—which may be cause for concern. Read more »

Supreme Court decision and President's proposal give states more power
Posted by Tim at 07/01/09 10:18 AM

Guest Blogger Arone Silverman This week the Supreme Court confirmed that fair lending laws should be vigorously enforced by all levels of government. Yesterday President Obama provided legislative language which would explicitly grant states more power to enforce consumer protections. Read more »