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Relief for Unemployment Debit Card Users Coming Soon?
Posted by Michelle at 08/25/09 04:08 PM

We hope more relief will come to people who are relying on unemployment benefits, especially those using unemployment debit cards. The U.S. Department of Labor has spoken…at least on unemployment insurance debit cards. The DOL guidelines lay out the following recommendations to states: Read more »

Daily Show Awesomeness- Overdrafts
Posted by Tim at 08/25/09 02:12 PM

Jon Stewart makes a great point about banks making profits off of the consumers who bailed them out Read more »

Beware of Creditors
Posted by Tim at 08/24/09 09:24 AM

Are Credit Card companies getting ready to declare open season on college students? Read more »

Credit Card Madness
Posted by Tim at 08/20/09 02:57 PM

It seems no one is safe from the current whirling dervish of credit card madness these days. CU's Bob Williams, Strategic Resource Director in our DC office, tells his personal tale of Credit Card horror. Read more »

Whats Going On In Your Wallet?
Posted by Tim at 08/20/09 10:41 AM Credit Card Companies have improved their ability to rip off large amounts of people in a short amount of time. Read more »

The end is near (to credit card tricks and traps that is…)
Posted by Lauren at 08/19/09 02:34 PM

We’ve all been waiting patiently for the credit card reforms that were passed in May to go into effect, while the credit card companies jack our rates and lower our limits. Finally the first reforms are going into effect! Read more »

Prepaid Card Tips for Consumers
Posted by Michelle at 08/13/09 04:09 PM

We just released a report, Prepaid Cards: Second-Tier Bank Account Substitutes that details prepaid card "gotchas," such as the mountain of fees consumers would be hit with along with lack of guaranteed consumer protections. Read more »

Promises, Promises . . .
Posted by Tim at 08/10/09 09:29 AM

When will lenders live up to their end of a bargain? Read more »

Beware Loan Modification Scams
Posted by Tim at 08/07/09 11:32 AM

As more and more families face foreclosure predatory lenders smell blood in the water. Here is some advice from Norma Garcia, Senior Attorney for Consumers Union. Read more »