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Defend Your Dollars is the website of the Consumers Union Financial Services Campaign, where we support reforms to the financial marketplace to curb bad practices by banks and lenders.

Law Profs Call for the CFPA
Posted by Tim at 09/29/09 03:14 PM

Over 70 law faculty from across the nation call on Congress to create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Read more »

Win Count: Consumers 1 Banks $700 Billion
Posted by Tim at 09/25/09 12:04 PM

Banks ease policy on overdrafts due to consumer pressure. Now is the time to get involved. Read more »

Big news--Two banks reduce but don't end outrageous overdraft fees.
Posted by Gail H. at 09/23/09 09:29 AM

Two big banks have announced changes in their checking account overdraft fees that will end what consumer advocates have called "the $35 cup of coffee" - for some people, some of the time, starting either in October or early next year. UPDATE: Wells Fargo changes policy on overdrafts as well. Read more »

Back to Basics: The Bank Account
Posted by Michelle at 09/22/09 01:41 PM

What should a consumer look for in a bank account? Read more »

CFPA Flow Chart Awesomeness
Posted by Tim at 09/17/09 12:45 PM

The Consumer Federation of America provides a great flow chart example of why the CFPA is better. Read more »

Calling all creative shutter bugs!
Posted by Tim at 09/15/09 02:27 PM

Consumers Union needs some fantastic photos for our Defend Your Dollars blog posts that represent the variety of financial consumer issues that affect your life. Read more »

Happy Birthday Lehman Failure!
Posted by Tim at 09/14/09 03:45 PM

CFPA is key to protecting our financial system Read more »

Groups ask Chase to stop messing with minimum payments
Posted by Lauren at 09/08/09 09:16 AM

Consumers Union has been flooded with calls and emails from consumers who are complaining that Chase bank raised their minimum payment from 2% to 5% of their total balance and is literally forcing them to go into default. So we sent Chase a letter asking them to STOP! Read more »