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Freeze Credit Card Rates Now!!! Dodd introduces bill
Posted by Tim at 10/27/09 11:49 AM

Dodd Introduces Bill to Immediately Freeze Credit Card Interest Rates- Give Consumers What they Deserve Read more »

Move up the effective date on the CARD Act- Give the People What They Want!
Posted by Tim at 10/27/09 11:38 AM

Senate bill would move up the effective date of the CARD Act giving much needed consumer credit protections sooner. Read more »

CFPA Passes Out Of Committee
Posted by Tim at 10/22/09 12:35 PM

An agency that looks out for consumers not banks and credit card companies heads to the House floor for a vote Read more »

The Fallacy of the Wall Street Journal’s Article on ID Theft
Posted by Tim at 10/19/09 04:25 PM

Guest Blogger: Jaimee Napp, Executive Director of Identity Theft Action Council of Nebraska posts her opinion about the WSJ's latest take on ID Theft Read more »

Dodd introduces the best overdraft protections yet
Posted by Lauren at 10/19/09 01:48 PM

Senate will consider stronger protections for overdraft. Fed overdraft rule expected in November. Read more »

Call Bank of America—Opt Out of Automatic Overdraft!!
Posted by Lauren at 10/19/09 10:00 AM

Bank of America will now let you Opt Out. Take advantage of this opportunity! Read more »

More Consumer TV- Reverse Mortgages
Posted by Tim at 10/16/09 04:10 PM

CU's Norma Garcia explains reverse mortgages and how you can find out if they are right for you Read more »

Chase responds to CU’s request to stop messing with minimum payments.
Posted by Lauren at 10/15/09 01:00 PM

Chases responded to our request to restore consumer’s minimum payments. Give them a call back! Read more »

Preemption Pains
Posted by Tim at 10/14/09 04:46 PM

National Governors Association push for end of federal preemption to protect consumers and prevent world economic collapse. Sounds like a good idea. Read more »

Austan Goolsbee explains the CFPA
Posted by Tim at 10/09/09 09:24 AM

My favorite Whitehouse adviser makes a clear case for the CFPA. Read more »