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The Power of Putting Your Card In Your Pocket
Posted by Tim at 11/30/09 03:26 PM

No charging 'til they change their ways! Read more »

The Card Game: An Expose on Credit Cards
Posted by Tim at 11/23/09 04:11 PM

Watch Frontline Tomorrow night. Tuesday November 24th at 9 pm. CU activist has a "cameo". Read more »

Tell the Fed Stop New Credit Card Ripoffs!
Posted by Tim at 11/20/09 03:56 PM

We outline the newest ripoffs and what the Fed should do about it. Read more »

Credit Card Freeze Bill ... Frozen!
Posted by Tim at 11/19/09 02:23 PM

Republican blocked a bill that would move up the effective date of the CARD Act Read more »

Lifting the Veil on Loan Modifications
Posted by Tim at 11/18/09 09:37 AM

By CU Senior Attorney, Norma Garcia Read more »

More lawyers in trouble for foreclosure activities
Posted by Tim at 11/16/09 10:45 AM

By Norma Garcia, Senior Attorney Read more »

Posted by Tim at 11/12/09 11:58 AM

Fed Releases New Rules On Debit Card Overdrafts Includes Opt-In. Great news for consumers. Read more »

Protect Your Holiday Spending
Posted by Michelle at 11/11/09 03:43 PM

The way you pay for your best friend's gift this holiday season can make a big difference, especially if something goes wrong. Read more »

Senate Bill To Protect Consumers, End Too Big To Fail and Create Fiancial Stability
Posted by Tim at 11/11/09 02:11 PM

The Senate Bill to establish the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is 1136 pages long. Ugh. Here is the 11 page crib note version. Wohoo! Read more »

Back to Basics: Checkholds
Posted by Michelle at 11/04/09 04:20 PM

Although the number of checks are declining rapidly, we still get a number of questions regarding checks, or more specifically, calls from frustrated consumers on checkholds. Read more »

Creative credit cards are a bummer
Posted by Lauren at 11/03/09 04:15 PM

Credit card companies are finding creative ways to milk their customers. Read more »