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You're Alright Goolsbee- Austan Goolsbee To Attend CU Summit!
Posted by Tim at 12/22/09 09:30 AM

The Team is stoked to announce that this financial reform rock star will be attending our Summit in February. Read more »

New Gift Card Protections May Be Coming Your Way
Posted by Michelle at 12/18/09 12:48 PM

Today, we told the Fed what we want for the holidays, and for every other time we give and receive a gift card: Read more »

Consumers Protest Makes National News
Posted by Tim at 12/15/09 10:14 AM

Consumers who shared their story about not using their credit cards is featured on ABC Nightly News Read more »

House Passes CFPA!!!
Posted by Tim at 12/11/09 11:41 AM

Today the House passed a bill which included a provision to create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Read more »

Tips Of What To Look Out Next From Credit Cards
Posted by Tim at 12/09/09 12:32 PM

Read about the ways credit card companies can still rip you off. Hint: There is more than one. Also, in order to really reign in the lending industry we need a game changer in reform. Read more »

Getting Serious About Loan Modification Scams
Posted by Lauren at 12/08/09 09:54 AM

Fed up with rampant loan modification scams, a new national campaign has been started by key pro-consumer organizations to lead the fight against the scammers. Read more »

It's Not Such A Wonderful Life
Posted by Tim at 12/08/09 06:41 AM

Great new video reminds us that while Wall Street is starting to bounce back, Main Street is continuing to struggle. Plus a reason why to rethink the vanity license plate. Read more »

Back to Basics: Using Your Debit Card
Posted by Michelle at 12/02/09 02:33 PM

When you use a debit card to make a purchase, the cashier will often ask, “Debit” or “Credit?” What does this mean? Read more »