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The Latest Development for Gift Cards
Posted by Michelle at 02/19/10 01:55 PM

but will it help you spend down to the last penny? Target recently introduced its Mobile Gift Card which allow customers with web-enabled cell phones to use their gift cards at this big retailer. Starbucks also has a similar mobile gift card iPhone application on a trial basis in the Seattle and Silicon Valley areas. Read more »

CU tells us why we need the CFPA in a PBS debate
Posted by Lauren at 02/19/10 10:16 AM

Do we need a CFPA? Gail Hillebrand tells us why the answer is a resounding YES! Read more »

Consumer Guide to Credit Cards
Posted by Lauren at 02/19/10 09:35 AM

The Federal Reserve Board just put up a great site to help you navigage credit card offers and contracts. It also contains lots of easy to understand information about the post-CARD Act credit card marketplace. Read more »

Tips for the new credit card marketplace
Posted by Lauren at 02/18/10 01:43 PM

The CARD Act goes into effect on February 22nd. But you should still watch out for tricky practices. Here are some tips to help you navigate the new credit card marketplace. Read more »

Dodd Moving Forward on Financial Reform
Posted by Tim at 02/05/10 11:13 AM

Great that Dodd is moving forward on reform that will actually benefit consumers. Now we need him to stay strong and create an agency that isn't in the pocket of the Big Banks. Read more »