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Defend Your Dollars is the website of the Consumers Union Financial Services Campaign, where we support reforms to the financial marketplace to curb bad practices by banks and lenders.

Posted by Tim at 03/25/10 04:06 PM

A fascinating profile of the most high profile consumer advocate in DC right now. She needs your help. Read more »

What do the new gift card rules mean for you?
Posted by Michelle at 03/24/10 02:28 PM

Starting August 22, 2010, consumers will have additional protections on bank-issued gift cards which are gift cards branded with Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, and retailer issued which are store gift cards (if your state doesn’t already provide strong retailer issued gift card protections): Read more »

Senate Banking Committee Passes CFPA Bill
Posted by Tim at 03/22/10 02:33 PM

In a party-line vote Dodd's financial reform bill passes, CU urges the Senate to stay strong for real consumer protections, and the Banks fight back with their check books. Read more »

Can 800 Bankers Ever Be Right?
Posted by Tim at 03/18/10 03:19 PM

Guest Blogger Pam Banks Policy Counsel for Consumers Unions gives you an inside look at the fight for real financial reform in DC. Read more »

Credit Unions Promoting Idol-esque Video Contest
Posted by Tim at 03/16/10 11:55 AM

Pretty funny and fantastic idea to promote Credit Unions and the Move Your Money spirit. Read more »

Senator Dodd Drops Financial Regulatory Reform Bill
Posted by Tim at 03/15/10 01:13 PM

Dodd’s Bill Moves Ball Forward, But More Needs to Be Done to Protect Consumers Read more »

Fed issues proposal for final CARD Act provisions
Posted by Lauren at 03/12/10 10:21 AM

Fed finally releases the proposed rule for the final CARD Act provisions which go into effect in August 2010. Read more »

Bank of American finally does the right thing on overdrafts
Posted by Tim at 03/10/10 10:00 AM

No more overdraft fees when you use your Bank of America debit card. Read more »

And Now A Word From Our Winner
Posted by Tim at 03/10/10 08:39 AM

Guest Blogger Sean Kleefeld is the winner of the 2010 Dangers of Debt Image Contest. After getting ripped off by BoA he took action. Read more to learn how personal social networks can have great activism impact and win you a $1000. Read more »

CFPA or Die
Posted by Tim at 03/09/10 10:11 AM

Comedy website Funny or Die have put together a couple of fantastic skits about the need for financial consumer protections. Read more »

Stay Away from RALs (Refund Anticipation Loans)
Posted by Michelle at 03/05/10 02:56 PM

Tax season is in full swing--which means it's time for that reminder to STAY AWAY from RALs, or Refund Anticipation Loans. They are sold as fast, easy, instant money options by tax preparers like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. Read more »

Concern about CFPA negotiations
Posted by Lauren at 03/05/10 10:39 AM

CU urges the Senate Banking Committee to pass a meaningful CFPA. Read more »

Where's the promised credit card interest rate roll-back process?
Posted by Kathy Mitchell at 03/03/10 10:58 AM

Last week the Fed missed a deadline to issue proposed new rules to give you relief if your credit card rates were increased after January 1, 2009 (millions of people fall in this category). Read more »

Winner of the Danger of Debt Contest!!
Posted by Lauren at 03/02/10 10:14 AM

Sean Kleefeld is the Grand Prize Winner of the Dangers of Debt Image Contest!! Read more »