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After beating foreclosure, Georgian speaks out for financial reform
Posted by Michael McCauley at 04/29/10 04:14 PM

Earlier this week, Consumers Union President Jim Guest joined Senators Menendez and Reed at a news conference in Washington to underscore how financial reform will benefit consumers. But the real star of the news conference was Gloria McAlpin, who we first met in 2008 when we produced our “Faces of Foreclosure” video series. Read more »

Bankzilla's Rampage Continues
Posted by Tim at 04/29/10 11:21 AM

Oh no they say he's got to go.. Whoa Oh Bankzilla Read more »

Debate to Begin On Financial Reform Bill!
Posted by Tim at 04/28/10 06:46 PM

It is being reported that Republicans will end their filibuster and allow the bill to be debated on the floor. It may be that a bipartisan deal has been struck. Read more »

Banker Man attacks on Capitol Hill!
Posted by Michael McCauley at 04/28/10 05:05 PM

New Image.JPG Is your bank taking a big bite out of your wallet with interest rate hikes, hidden fees, and other unfair practices? You’re not alone. That's why we launched our "Banker Man" stunt today in Washington. Read more »

President Calls Out Wall Street
Posted by Tim at 04/22/10 02:48 PM

"A free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can get, however you can get it" Read more »

Moving Your Money? Use these tips to do it right!
Posted by Lauren at 04/22/10 01:06 PM

If you are not happy with your bank, consider moving your money to an account at a new financial institution. Vote with your dollars! To help you do so safety, we’ve put together this checklist so you can take the appropriate steps and ensure that all of your bills are paid on time and you avoid being charged overdraft fees. Read more »

ID Theft Alert: Digital Copiers
Posted by Tim at 04/20/10 09:43 AM

CBS ran a story about what they found on four digital copiers. Read more »

Your Action Center For Everything Financial Reform
Posted by Tim at 04/19/10 02:03 PM

Sick of consumer rip-offs? Think there should be an end to "Too Big To Fail"? Ready to take Action? Check out CU's Financial Reform Action Center. Read more »

CU tell Huffington Post readers why Senate needs to pass the CFPA
Posted by Lauren at 04/15/10 11:50 AM

We need a strong and wholly independent financial watchdog that has the power to protect consumers against tricky financial products and practices, without having its decisions delayed or second guessed by the banking regulators. Senators must stand up and make sure that the CFPB can take action without such interference. Read more »

Consumers Union Urges Fed to Require Banks to Roll Back Recent Unfair Credit Card Interest Rate Hikes
Posted by Lauren at 04/13/10 04:00 PM

CU submits comments to the Fed on its last round of regulations to implement the CARD Act. Read more »

Chase Bank's Overdraft Opt-in System: FAIL
Posted by Tim at 04/08/10 02:25 PM

Chase just can't help themselves. Between making the Opt-in form confusing and a new misleading marketing campaign they manage to turn something that should be easy into a new way to try and dupe customers. Read more »

How To Close A Credit Card
Posted by Tim at 04/07/10 04:15 PM

Consumerist gives solid tips on canceling a credit card without hurting your credit score Read more »

Finacial Reform 101 with Liz Warren
Posted by Tim at 04/01/10 09:49 AM

Sign up now to get the nitty gritty on the need for financial reform from most high profile consumer advocate in the country. Read more »