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As the July 1st deadline approaches, CFA warns consumers not to Opt-In to Overdraft.
Posted by Lauren at 06/29/10 01:53 PM

CFA releases a survey of Big Bank Overdraft Fees and Terms Read more »

Wall Street Bill Headed Back To Conference
Posted by Tim at 06/29/10 01:50 PM

All this talk about decades without real consumer protection and we all forgot one thing... Who is looking out for the BANKS? Luckily, someone is on the watch. Read more »

Call Your Senator Now to Pass Financial Reform
Posted by Tim at 06/29/10 10:24 AM

The financial reform bill needs 60 votes in the Senate to be sent on to the President for final signature. The Lending Industry is going to fight it till the very end. Read more »

Financial Reform Bill- Update
Posted by Tim at 06/25/10 11:52 AM

Here is an update of what is in the final version of the bill that is moving on to the House and Senate floors for final passage. Read more »

Financial Reform Moves!
Posted by Tim at 06/25/10 09:09 AM

Despite overwhelming pressure from the lending industry, big banks and credit card companies, just to name a few, consumer pressure and activism helped move us closer to passing legislation that creates real financial reform. Read more »

Twilight Prepaid Cards Will Suck You Dry
Posted by Tim at 06/23/10 03:10 PM

When you expose prepaid cards branded with Twilight licensed images to some light their outrageous fees don't exactly sparkle... beware puns ahead. Read more »

The Dangers of Travel Cards
Posted by Tim at 06/23/10 10:25 AM

By Alex Wong Brian gets talked into using a "travel card", which is just another prepaid card without any protections, instead of travelers checks. Read more »

Stop Auto Dealer Loopholes- Last Chance
Posted by Tim at 06/22/10 09:07 AM

The House is scheduled to start discussing consumer protections today and are threatening to carve out one of the biggest financial products you will ever use- the auto loan. You can help. Read more »

What’s in the Mortgage Provisions of the Reform Bill
Posted by Lauren at 06/21/10 04:05 PM

One of the major areas of concern driving legislative reform of the financial services industry is mortgage lending. Read more »

Close The Loophole on Car Dealers - Take Action Before Tuesday
Posted by Tim at 06/18/10 03:10 PM

The House Conference Committee is scheduled to discuss consumer protections soon. Send your message now to Stop Car Dealer Loopholes! Read more »

Bank of America gave us a little and then took it away!
Posted by Lauren at 06/18/10 01:45 PM

B of A is thinking up new fees to add to their checking accounts to make up for lost overdraft revenue. Read more »

Final Credit Card Rules on Penalty Fees and Interest Rate Review
Posted by Tim at 06/15/10 10:40 AM

The Federal Reserve has issued the final regulations for the last provisions of the CARD Act which go into effect on August 22nd. Read more »

Pass financial reform that includes oversight of auto dealers
Posted by Tim at 06/15/10 09:56 AM

Barney Frank needs to hear from your member of Congress to oppose the Auto Dealer exemption. Here are the facts. Read more »

Working to improve Chase’s Overdraft Opt-in Solicitations
Posted by Lauren at 06/14/10 12:22 PM

Over the past few months CU has joined other consumer groups to encourage Chase to make their overdraft opt-in solicitations less misleading to consumers. Read more »

New study shows that banks don't price penalty fees for risk.
Posted by Lauren at 06/11/10 12:22 PM

A new report by the Center for Responsible Lending proves that, despite their claims, banks do not price credit card late fees for risk. Read more »

Still confused about the new credit card law?
Posted by Lauren at 06/10/10 03:24 PM

This Q&A published in the Boston Globe may answer some of your questions about the new credit card law. But there is one thing I’d like to add. Read more »

Financial Reform Bill Update
Posted by Tim at 06/08/10 11:18 AM

It ain't over yet. The banking lobby is working hard and spending tons to water down the financial reform bill while it is in conference. Read more »