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Defend Your Dollars is the website of the Consumers Union Financial Services Campaign, where we support reforms to the financial marketplace to curb bad practices by banks and lenders.

Chalk One Up For the Good Guys
Posted by Tim at 07/28/10 02:10 PM

Your activism forced lawmakers to reform our financial system! But the fight is not over. Read more »

Errors in Foreclosures
Posted by Tim at 07/23/10 12:09 PM

By Norma Garcia New California survey finds increasing evidence of banks foreclosing in error Read more »

Bank of America Charging $8.95 for Paper Statements
Posted by Tim at 07/22/10 03:19 PM

In Georgia Bank of America is introducing a new type of bank account. One that charges $8.95 to receive paper statements. Read more »

Victory! President signs Wall St. Reform Bill Into Law
Posted by Tim at 07/21/10 10:57 AM

The President signed the Wall St. Reform bill creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We outline what they should tackle first. Read more »

What Is In The Wall St. Reform Bill For You
Posted by Tim at 07/16/10 11:29 AM

The Senate’s 60-39 vote passing a landmark bill to overhaul the rules for banks and Wall Street shows the power that consumers can have over even the most powerful and well-funded lobby groups in the country. Read more »

Senate Passes Wall St. Reform.
Posted by Tim at 07/15/10 12:00 PM

Finally. Financial Reform Bill a “Game Changer” Read more »

A bar in Seattle will buy you dinner for quitting Chase bank
Posted by Tim at 07/15/10 11:43 AM

After having enough of Chase the owner of Twilight Exit bar in Seattle is offering a free steak dinner with proof that you have dropped your Chase bank account. Read more »

The end of SS, SSI, VA checks is NOT yet a done deal!
Posted by Michelle at 07/14/10 03:44 PM

The Department of Treasury has proposed to end federal payments by check beginning March 2011 for new recipients and March 2013 for existing beneficiaries--substituting direct deposit or deposit onto prepaid cards. Read more »

Who Will the CFPB Serve?
Posted by Tim at 07/13/10 02:50 PM

At our recent Consumers Union Activist Summit we were lucky enough to meet activists from all over the country who are doing amazing work. One such person was Andrea Wieland from the group First Nations. First Nations Native American operated nonprofit that strengthens Native economies throughout the United States. Read more »

Wall Street Reform Bill Update
Posted by Tim at 07/12/10 10:32 AM

Sen Brown comes out in support of Wall St. Reform Bill- Where does your Senator stand? Read more »