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NBC's Overdraft Report- Watch It
Posted by Tim at 08/26/10 04:03 PM

NBC outlines what to watch out for in overdrafts Read more »

Back To School: Campus Financial Tips
Posted by Tim at 08/26/10 03:43 PM

Tips for Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and Prepaid Cards for college students Read more »

DYD to Wells Fargo: "STOP"
Posted by Tim at 08/24/10 12:07 PM

We are calling on Wells Fargo to stop automatically enrolling their customers into overdraft programs they may not want. Read more »

DYD on the Rachel Maddow Show- Watch Here
Posted by Tim at 08/24/10 10:12 AM

Watch Gail Hillebrand talk about how the CARD Act will affect you on the Rachel Maddow Show Read more »

Consumers Get New Credit Card & Gift Card Protections on August 22
Posted by Tim at 08/19/10 02:33 PM

Consumers seeing benefits of the CARD Act Read more »

Consumers To Governorator: Sign SB 933!
Posted by Tim at 08/17/10 09:15 AM

California's Governator Needs To Sign Bill To Barr Fees From Debit Cards Read more »

Wells Fargo's unfair overdraft practices EXPOSED
Posted by Lauren at 08/11/10 05:39 PM

On Tuesday, a district court judge wrote a scathing decision which found that Wells Fargo “acted in bad faith” by clearing transactions in a way which generated more fees and revenue at the expense of depositors. Read more »

Mobile Payments Need Strong Consumer Protections
Posted by Michelle at 08/10/10 04:00 PM

Today's American Banker featured a Viewpoint article by Gail Hillebrand and Mark MacCarthy on the need for strong uniform payment protections for consumers, particularly on mobile payments. Read more »

How to protect against another Mortgage Meltdown? Require Skin in the Game
Posted by Lauren at 08/09/10 10:20 AM

By Norma Garcia:The SEC has proposed requiring the sponsors of asset backed securities to keep some “skin in the game” or in other words, retain some of the risk on mortgages that are pooled together and sold as securities to investors. Read more »

Good News! Finally Reigning in Debt Settlement Companies
Posted by Lauren at 08/06/10 11:41 AM

The past two weeks we’ve seen two big steps forward toward reigning in debt settlement companies. Read more »