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CU calls on states to protect employee wages on payroll cards
Posted by SuzanneM at 09/30/10 02:23 PM

Consumers Union has just released a revised model state law to encourage better protections for employees who receive wages on payroll cards. Read more »

Oh My Gosh, Debt Collectors Need To Change
Posted by Tim at 09/30/10 11:56 AM

Minnesota State Fair attendees sound off about debt collection practices Read more »

Thank You AFFIL
Posted by Tim at 09/29/10 04:22 PM

Thank you to our partners who are moving on. Read more »

Time To Reign In Debt Collectors Is Now
Posted by Tim at 09/29/10 03:50 PM

Sen. Franken introduces legislation to end debt collector abuse Read more »

FDIC will hopefully go farther than the Fed on overdrafts.
Posted by Lauren at 09/27/10 03:00 PM

Groups submit comment to FDIC proposal regarding overdraft policies. Read more »

BofA’s “$0 Liability Guarantee” - Is It As Good As it Sounds?
Posted by SuzanneM at 09/23/10 03:42 PM

Bank of America has rolled out a new “$0 liability guarantee” on their debit and credit cards, but it might just be federal law. BofA customers need to be aware of their rights under current credit and debit card regulations, just in case BofA’s policy doesn’t cover everything. Read more »

From CR Money: Liz Warren New Head Of CFPB
Posted by Tim at 09/17/10 11:34 AM

Elizabeth Warren: Let's "pull up our socks and get to work." Read more »

Wells Fargo CEO Ignores Consumer Concerns
Posted by Tim at 09/16/10 09:48 AM

Recently DYD called on Wells' CEO John Strumpf to end all automatic ovedraft programs. A woman named April responded- sort of. Read more »

UPDATED: Prepaid Card Tips for Consumers
Posted by SuzanneM at 09/15/10 01:45 PM

Consumers Union releases its updated report on prepaid cards and offers tips for consumers. Read more »

College Students: Warnings about the Higher One Card
Posted by Michelle at 09/10/10 11:02 AM

Campuses across the nation have been adopting the Higher One card for their students. While these cards may be providing cost savings to college institutions, students are finding huge problems. Read more »

Professional Cards: Watch out for this CARD Act loophole!
Posted by Lauren at 09/01/10 03:35 PM

Card issuers have stepped up their offers for professional cards, which are not covered by the CARD Act. Read more »