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THIS FRIDAY: Hear the Experts Weigh in on Mobile Payments
Posted by SuzanneM at 10/27/10 12:20 PM

Watch a free webcast this Friday to learn from Consumers Union and other experts about mobile payments. Read more »

Advance Fees For Debt Settlement Will Be Prohibited
Posted by Tim at 10/25/10 11:51 AM

On October 27th new rules go into place for debt settlement companies that will help consumers. Read more »

Bank In Texas To Give Back $32M In Overdraft fees
Posted by Tim at 10/14/10 10:38 AM

Woodforest bank has settled with the OCC and will be returning $32 Million in ill gotten overdraft fees. We think Wells Fargo should do the same. Read more »

“E-Gift Cards”: What You Need to Know Before You Buy
Posted by SuzanneM at 10/08/10 04:24 PM

Read our information and consumer tips before buying and using " e-gift" cards. Read more »

Nationwide Moratorium on Home Foreclosures Needed
Posted by Tim at 10/08/10 10:37 AM

A nationwide moratorium on home foreclosures is needed in light of recent revelations that some lenders failed to comply with laws requiring proper documentation governing foreclosures. Read more »