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The Kardashian Kard May Be a Goner - After Only 3 Weeks!
Posted by SuzanneM at 11/29/10 02:46 PM

The Kardashian sisters are backing out of their contract to promote their prepaid "kard," after receiving massive criticism in the media and a warning from a state attorney general. Looks like not all publicity is good publicity! Read more »

Stop the Kardashian Kard Rip-Off: Updated
Posted by Tim at 11/23/10 02:41 PM

Tell the Kardashians that cashing in on their fame by promoting a costly, complicated prepaid card to teens is inexcusable. Read more »

Consumers Are Saying No To Expensive Fee Programs (When given a choice)
Posted by Tim at 11/19/10 04:14 PM

Consumer Reports Poll: Only 22 Percent of Bank Customers Have Opted-In For Debit Card Overdraft “Protection” Read more »

New California rule protects consumers who pay by cell phone
Posted by SuzanneM at 11/19/10 11:06 AM

California's Public Utilities Commission has passed a new rule that gives consumers more protections against unauthorized mobile payments charges on phone bills. Read more »

Don’t Try “Keeping Up” with the Kardashians’ New Prepaid Card
Posted by SuzanneM at 11/17/10 01:59 PM

Consumers Union has looked at the new Kardashian Kard, and finds that the card comes with the same gotcha fees and weak consumer protections as other prepaid cards on the market. Read more »

Consumer Groups Welcome G20 Commitment on Consumer Protection
Posted by Tim at 11/12/10 04:07 PM

As the G20 leaders acknowledge the need for consumer protection to be addressed by the next summit, Consumers Union joins consumer groups around the globe to welcome this new development. Read more »

Tells Wells Fargo To Give Back $203 Million In Overdraft Fees
Posted by Tim at 11/09/10 10:53 AM

Consumers need to let Wells Fargo CEO John Strumpf know that ripping off his customers is wrong. Read more »

G20 Needs to Do More to Protect Consumers From Financial Abuses
Posted by Tim at 11/09/10 10:02 AM

CU's CEO, Jim Guest, contributed a great piece to the Huffington Post Read more »

Look Out for This One: The New, Expensive "Mi Promesa" Prepaid Card
Posted by SuzanneM at 11/01/10 09:28 AM

The new "Mi Promesa" prepaid card is being marketed to the Latino community as a new product that will serve their needs better than a traditional bank. But consumers need to know that this card comes with a hefty price tag and some outrageous fees. Read more »