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CARD Act's 1 Year Anniversary
Posted by Tim at 02/22/11 03:40 PM

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the CARD Act. The CFPB should pick up where the legislation leaves off. Read more »

Great New Coverage On Our Prepaid Card Campaign
Posted by Tim at 02/18/11 11:28 AM

Watch the video "ConsumerWatch: Prepaid Reloadable Cards May Come With Fees" featuring our own Michael McCauley Read more »

Liz Warren Wants To Hear From You!
Posted by Tim at 02/16/11 11:07 AM

The CFPB's website, has gone live and they are looking for your suggestions. Read more »

Why You Should Be Careful Of Buying Your Coffee With An Iphone
Posted by Tim at 02/07/11 10:16 AM

Consumers should beware of the lack of protections that may come with new Iphone payment apps for Starbucks. Read more »

Message From Professor Warren: Launch of Website
Posted by Tim at 02/03/11 11:41 AM

DYD received a great email from Professor Warren today announcing the launch of the CFPB's new website. Read more »

Zombie debt walks the earth
Posted by Kathy Mitchell at 02/02/11 12:15 PM

Of course bad debt stays on your credit record for years. But in addition, it can come back from the dead and demand to be paid off again and again. Who knew? Read more »