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Small Dollar Loans, Big Problems
Posted by Tim at 03/29/11 04:04 PM

Consumers Union funded a report written by the National Consumer Law Center that shows the need for states need to be on the front line defense against predatory lending. Read more »

CFPB: Just The Facts Please
Posted by Tim at 03/25/11 03:53 PM

Sifting through the myths and facts flying around about the CFPB Read more »

Debt Collection Abuses: New Numbers from the FTC Highlight the Need for Reform
Posted by SuzanneM at 03/21/11 05:19 PM

The FTC has issued a new report on debt collection underscoring the need for reform. Read more »

New CU Article: How to Make Every Way to Pay Safe for Mobile Payments
Posted by SuzanneM at 03/21/11 04:42 PM

Read a draft of our new article discussing the mobile payments market, the major risks it poses for consumers, and the few simple fixes that would ensure all consumers making mobile payments have guaranteed consumer protections. Read more »

Is Your Text Donation Making It To Japan?
Posted by Tim at 03/16/11 04:52 PM

Your text donation may take up to 90 days to get to the charity and some third party servicers take a fee from your donation. Help send a message to the phone mobile companies. Read more »

World Consumer Rights Day
Posted by Tim at 03/15/11 10:29 AM

Think dealing with American credit contracts is tough? In Brazil, consumers typically don't even get to see their contract terms until after they sign. Help us support basic consumer rights worldwide Read more »

More Problems for the Debt Collection Industry
Posted by Tim at 03/11/11 01:17 PM

According to the FTC Debt Collection practices are a big problem Read more »

Paychecks: Paper or Plastic?
Posted by Tim at 03/01/11 11:26 AM

More and more employers are doing away with the traditional paper paycheck. What does this mean for you? Read more »