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Pew Study: Consumers At Risk From "Business" Credit Cards
Posted by SuzanneM at 05/20/11 09:22 AM

Pew released a report this week finding that consumers are getting marketed "business" credit cards that exploit loopholes in the CreditCARD Act - beware of this trap! Read more »

House Committee Votes to Weaken the CFPB
Posted by Tim at 05/13/11 12:06 PM

Today the House Committee on Banking voted to weaken the CFPB. Take action now! Read more »

44 Senators Want To Weaken The CFPB!
Posted by Tim at 05/10/11 01:19 PM

By Neha Singh 44 Senate Republicans want to weaken the CFPB before it has even started to help consumers. Read more »