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Bank of America To Pay 8.5 Billion To Investors
Posted by Tim at 06/30/11 09:50 AM

Investors get theirs but what about the rest of America? Read more »

More Transparency For You Regarding Your Credit Score: Starting July 21
Posted by Tim at 06/29/11 03:29 PM

By Viviana Santiago More consumer benefits for your credit score will kick in on July 21 Read more »

Mobile Pay or Mobile Mess
Posted by Michelle at 06/15/11 02:12 PM

Mobile payments are supposed to make consumers' lives simpler by enabling consumers to pay with cell phones instead of carrying plastic or cash. But, mobile payments may cause consumers huge headaches with the lack of consistent consumer protections if a transaction goes awry or when mobile phones are lost or stolen and used to make unauthorized purchases. Read more »

Debt Collector Mistakenly Targets CA Senator, Tries to Seize His Wages
Posted by SuzanneM at 06/15/11 02:05 PM

Think debt collectors don't target the wrong people? Ask California Senator Lou Correa - he almost got his wages garnished for a debt he didn't owe. Read more »

Too Big to Fail? Not When it Comes to Helping Homeowners
Posted by Tim at 06/15/11 11:06 AM

A Failing Grade for Nation’s Largest Banks By Viviana Santiago Read more »

Call your Senators to oppose the attack on the financial watchdog!
Posted by Tim at 06/13/11 09:14 AM

This time amendments are being proposed in the Senate to gut the CFPB. Read more »

Prof. Warren To Defend Consumer Watchdog... Again.
Posted by Tim at 06/06/11 11:15 AM

By Christina Tetreault Latest Attack on CFPB: Professor Warren Instructed to Clear Her Schedule to Testify (Again) Read more »

Is There Life After Foreclosure?
Posted by Tim at 06/06/11 09:21 AM

By Norma Garcia Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: According to New TransUnion Report, “Mortgage-Only Defaulters Not as Risky as Expected” Read more »