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CFPB Opens Today; America Likes It
Posted by Tim at 07/21/11 06:45 AM

New poll results show that Americans support the CFPB as the watchdog officially opens today. Read more »

CFPB To Officially Open Its Doors Tomorrow
Posted by Tim at 07/20/11 09:00 AM

Consumers will see immediate benefits. Read more »

Richard Cordray Named To Head CFPB
Posted by Tim at 07/18/11 10:53 AM

Richard Cordray, former Ohio Attorney General, nominated to head the CFPB. Read more »

Liz Warren Defends Consumer Protection... Again
Posted by Tim at 07/14/11 03:29 PM

Professor Liz Warren was called before the House Committee on Banking to defend the Consumer Protection Bureau. You can join the fight to defend consumer protections. Read more »

When Farmville Leads To Fraudville
Posted by Tim at 07/08/11 03:21 PM

Consumers may not be protected when using mobile payments for games like Farmville Read more »

Banks Can Sell Your Personal Shopping Habits: You Can Stop Them
Posted by Tim at 07/07/11 12:12 PM

Savvy shoppers aren’t the only ones watching their spending these days. Read more »

Countdown To CFPB Launch
Posted by Tim at 07/07/11 10:29 AM

While the newly created consumer watchdog gets some powers to protect consumers on July 21 opponents are still trying to weaken the agency. Read more »