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The Debit Fee Outrage Is Justified
Posted by Tim at 10/31/11 11:19 AM

Our op-ed that appeared in American Banker Read more »

How To Move Your Money: Video
Posted by Tim at 10/31/11 09:59 AM new video showing you the step by step process to move your money safely Read more »

Victory! Chase Will Not Charge Debit Card Fee
Posted by Tim at 10/28/11 10:13 AM

Chase will not charge $3 monthly fee. Bank of America should follow suit. Read more »

Why Is Bank of America charging $5?
Posted by Tim at 10/27/11 10:46 AM

Is financial reform to blame for the big banks charging you more fees? Nope. Read more »

Send BofA Your Own Video Breakup: "Drop the fee or we drop you!"
Posted by Eric Charping at 10/24/11 11:41 AM

We imagine the conversation might go something like this...Press play! Do you have something to say to Bank of America? Soon BofA will charge you $5 a month to use your debit card, even though they're already collecting enough money from retailers to profit on the processing costs. Read more »

Letter To BoA: Drop The $5 Fee!
Posted by Tim at 10/18/11 04:11 PM

If the banks don't drop these fees then consumers should drop them. Read more »

10 Things Debt Collectors Won't Tell You
Posted by SuzanneM at 10/18/11 10:58 AM

A new SmartMoney article gives the inside scoop on what debt collectors can and can't do, so you know how to assert your rights. Read more »

How To Move Your Money Safely
Posted by Tim at 10/17/11 10:58 AM

Sick of your bank's new fees? Use these tips to move your money. Read more »

Message To Congress: Investigate Bank Of America
Posted by Tim at 10/04/11 01:45 PM

In response to Bank of America's new $5/month fee we have called on Congress to launch an investigation. Read more »