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Some bank accounts come with hidden fees and complicated terms which often end up costing you. Consumers Union advocates for upfront pricing and fair practices so that you don’t end up losing your deposits.


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  • No foolin’: A bank card with 15 fees

    It sounds like an April Fools joke: A prepaid debit card meant to help teens manage their money that includes 15 potential fees. Another card claiming “no hidden fees” that charges $1 every time you use it. And another that charges $1 to talk to a customer-service rep, and 50 cents to talk to a machine!

  • CU overdraft activists are in the news!

    Overdraft stories are big news as the deadline for comments to the Fed approaches on March 30th.

  • Those pesky overdraft fees–the Fed needs to hear from you too!

    CU sent the Federal Reserve Board its comments this morning on a proposal that would finally do something about all those overdraft fees that you never approved. The formal comment period ends this month–so take a moment to add your voice.

  • Another Federal Watchdog Agency? It’s a Good Thing

    Senators Durbin and Schumer just proposed a federal consumer watchdog agency to look out for your money.

  • Second Chance for Opt-In to Overdrafts!

    Here’s your chance to tell the Fed that you want the right to opt-in (or not) to high cost overdraft services!

  • Tweeter Files, Circuit City Struggles: Who’s Next? Use your Gift Cards before it’s too late

    It is likely that more and more retailers are going to be forced to close their doors, and, when a retailer files for Chapter 11, people with gift cards must fight to get their money back.

  • Is my money safe?

    Bank accounts are insured for $250,000 under federal deposit insurance, and most brokerage investments are protected by a private scheme for losses of up to $500,000, but your money might not be protected if you have money on a retailer gift card or this month’s paycheck on a prepaid card.

  • The end is near…at least to long debit holds

    The rules at Visa and MasterCard for debit card purchases at the gas pump will change, and hopefully leave the debit hold problem a thing of the past once the rules are implemented.

  • Last Chance to Tell the Fed Your Credit Card Story

    The federal banking agencies are taking action to rein in credit card abuses that cost you money and there’s only one week left to let them know what you think. Join over 30,000 people that have commented so far on the proposed rule. The deadline is August 4th.

  • On the Horizon: Finally Some Relief at the Pump

    Consumers who pay at the pump with their debit cards should be able to breathe a little easier starting this October. This bit of relief comes from Visa’s recent announcement that they will be changing their rules for debit transactions at the pump.

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