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Consumers won a huge victory in 2010 with the passage of the Wall Street Reform law. The key provision of the bill for consumers is the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will oversee financial products and services such as mortgages, credit cards, payday loans, check cashing, and private student loans.


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Blog Posts

  • From CR Money: Liz Warren New Head Of CFPB

    Elizabeth Warren: Let’s “pull up our socks and get to work.”

  • Chalk One Up For the Good Guys

    Your activism forced lawmakers to reform our financial system! But the fight is not over.

  • Victory! President signs Wall St. Reform Bill Into Law

    The President signed the Wall St. Reform bill creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We outline what they should tackle first.

  • What Is In The Wall St. Reform Bill For You

    The Senate’s 60-39 vote passing a landmark bill to overhaul the rules for banks and Wall Street shows the power that consumers can have over even the most powerful and well-funded lobby groups in the country.

  • Senate Passes Wall St. Reform.

    Finally. Financial Reform Bill a “Game Changer”

  • Who Will the CFPB Serve?

    At our recent Consumers Union Activist Summit we were lucky enough to meet activists from all over the country who are doing amazing work. One such person was Andrea Wieland from the group First Nations. First Nations Native American operated nonprofit that strengthens Native economies throughout the United States.

  • Wall Street Reform Bill Update

    Sen Brown comes out in support of Wall St. Reform Bill- Where does your Senator stand?

  • Wall Street Bill Headed Back To Conference

    All this talk about decades without real consumer protection and we all forgot one thing… Who is looking out for the BANKS? Luckily, someone is on the watch.

  • Call Your Senator Now to Pass Financial Reform

    The financial reform bill needs 60 votes in the Senate to be sent on to the President for final signature. The Lending Industry is going to fight it till the very end.

  • Financial Reform Bill- Update

    Here is an update of what is in the final version of the bill that is moving on to the House and Senate floors for final passage.

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