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Consumers can get stung by high interest credit cards and predatory lending practices. Find out what to look out for and what we’re doing to protect consumers.

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  • CU Urges Dept. of Education to Protect College Students Using Campus Debit Cards

    This memo explains the varying protections that apply to debit and prepaid cards, and urges the Department of Education to provide strong protections to students using “campus debit cards” to access their financial aid. Read full memo here.

  • Degrees of Debt: Stories from Student Loan Borrowers Highlight Urgent Need for Reform

    New CU report features stories from student loan borrowers and offers policy recommendations to restore fairness to the student loan system.

  • Free Credit Score Fact Sheet

    Know Your Score Fact Sheet Consumers Union is fighting to give consumers access to an annual free, reliable credit score when a free credit report is obtained. Your credit score can determine your eligibility for credit cards, home, car and student loans, and apartment rentals. It can mean the difference between a high interest rate Continue Reading

  • Seven Principles for Fair Student Lending

    Consumers Union calls on Congress and regulators to protect students investing in their future

  • Issue Brief: What to Do Now to Help Student Loan Borrowers

    More and more, students and their families are turning to loans to finance higher education.  This comes as no surprise, given that the cost of tuition has increased five-fold since 1985.  As a result, student loan debt now exceeds credit card debt, topping $1 trillion outstanding.  According to recent estimates, student loan borrowers hold over Continue Reading

  • Dept. of Ed. Releases Forms for PubIic Service Loan Forgiveness Program

    On January 31, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education released important new information about how student loan borrowers can certify that they are on track toward qualifying for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF).   The PSLF website now includes an “employer certification” form, to help borrowers make sure that they are meeting the Department’s requirements to qualify for PSLF. Continue Reading

Press Releases

Blog Posts

  • SECURE Act aims to help protect consumers from credit score gotchas

    These days, lenders and others rely heavily on credit scores to make a quick assessment of a consumer’s creditworthiness. But, vulnerable consumers can find themselves tricked into paying more than they had planned, just to find out their own credit scores. In our new policy brief, “Errors and Gotchas: How Credit Report Errors and Unreliable Continue Reading

  • The Rates Are Too Damn High: Student Loans About to Get More Expensive

    It’s Springtime, and for many students it’s decision time too.  College admissions are in full swing, and many students are trying to figure out where to go to school – and how to pay for it.  This decision has big financial consequences, as tuition keeps going up and more people have to take out student Continue Reading

  • CU Policy Brief Shines a Light on Credit Report Errors and Unreliable Credit Scores

    Now more than ever, consumers need credit reports that are fair and accurate, and deserve easy access to the same credit scores lenders use to make decisions about them. That’s because credit report mistakes can make it harder to get a fair rate on a loan or auto insurance or even prevent someone from getting Continue Reading

  • Data Breaches Driving You Crazy? California DMV gives consumers new reason to worry.

    Uh, oh. It’s happened again: another data breach. Consumers who used the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) online credit card payment system may find their credit card information is at risk. The California DMV’s Public Information Officer, Armando Botello, says that the DMV was “alerted by law enforcement authorities to a potential security issue Continue Reading

  • Slip Sliding Into Debt: New CFPB Report Confirms Payday Loan Debt Trap

    Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a new report that chronicles how dangerous the payday loan terrain is for consumers.  Payday loans are short term cash advances on the borrower’s next paycheck.  The costs can quickly grow if the borrower cannot pay off the loan or needs to borrow a second loan to Continue Reading

  • Mortgage Madness Continues? CFPB Receives 4,300 Mortgage Complaints per Month

    Last February, Steve Antonakes, Deputy Director of the CFPB, noted that the agency’s “mortgage complaint volume . . . remains high and averages around 4,300 complaints per month.”  He made these remarks while speaking before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. According to a recent blog by Housingwire, these numbers “show little improvement in the volume Continue Reading

  • Does Bling equal Ka-ching? A Credit Card for the One Percent

    by guest blogger Caitlin Watkins Would you spend $7500 for a piece of metal in your pocket? Fancy metal credit cards don’t provide any better consumer protection than the plain ol’ plastic. In fact, their fees are often higher. We’ve been seeing some fancy metal cards popping up lately from almost every credit card company, Continue Reading

  • CFPB Says Consumers Are Being Hounded for Debts They Don’t Owe

    Ever been called by a debt collector about a debt that’s not yours?  Well if so, you’re not alone.  Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued its latest report on the debt collection industry, based on over 30,000 complaints received since July 2013, and found that these kinds of abuses are all too common. Continue Reading

  • For-Profit Career Colleges Under Fire for Alleged Fraud, Predatory Lending Practices

    It’s been a bad week for career colleges – those for-profit schools that promise to help you find a rewarding career in a specific field like auto tech, nursing, or cosmetology.  Two big court cases have just been announced targeting for-profit schools that may have done little more than put their students into mountains of Continue Reading

  • Why The CFPB Is The Best Thing To Happen To Americans Since J.Law

    Jennifer Lawrence is pretty awesome, right? For several years now she’s excelled at playing characters that excite the American imagination- they’re young, vibrant, and struggle against difficult odds or crafty opponents.  The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) is also young, rather vibrant, and also goes to battle with powerful forces but, despite all this, the Continue Reading

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