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Credit Cards

A comprehensive credit card law is now in place that will help end the tricks that trap consumers in high-cost credit card debt. You can learn more about these key rights below. Click here to see when different provisions of the law go into effect.

The new credit card law includes these consumer protections:

Restricts all interest rate increases during the first year
Restricts interest rate increases on existing balances
Increases notice for rate increase on future purchases
Preserves the ability to pay off on the old terms
Requires fair application of payments
Provides sensible due dates and time to pay
Protects young consumers
Restricts issuance fees on fee harvester cards
Requires enhanced disclosures
Places limits on fees and penalty interest
Requires banks to review rate increase every six months
Establishes gift card protections

Click here to read a full summary of the Credit Card Legislation.

Read the Federal Reserve Board’s Tips on the new Credit Card Law.


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  • New CFPB Study Shows Credit Card Reform Is Working

    Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released its study of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (CARD Act), the law that reformed the credit card market. The study’s  conclusions reflect what consumers have been telling us: credit card reform has made credit cards easier to understand and safer to use. Continue Reading

  • Ban Deferred Interest Cards, Consumers Union Says in Comments to CFPB

    February 22 marks three years since key provisions of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (the CARD Act), which overhauled credit card practices, took effect. But gaps in consumer protection remain, Consumers Union said in comments submitted Tuesday February 19 to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CARD Act protects consumers from Continue Reading

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    While problems in the mortgage industry still dominate the news, some financial industry insiders are warning banks and debt collectors to get ready for more scrutiny over how they handle other types of debt – especially credit cards and student loans. A recent article in the American Bankers Association’s Banking Journal pointed out that since Continue Reading

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    These days, credit offers abound on the Internet – and, as a result, so do a whole crop of “comparison sites” for credit cards.  But which comparison sites help consumers do meaningful comparison shopping for the right credit card? In a survey report released this week, the nonprofit group Consumer Action reviewed 54 comparison sites Continue Reading

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    American Express will refund an estimated $85 million to some 250,000 customers for illegal credit card practices under a settlement announced today by the CFPB.  The company will also pay a penalty of $27.5 million and has agreed to correct its practices. The CFPB is clearly putting credit card companies on notice that, if you Continue Reading

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