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  • CFPB Raises Red Flags on Mortgage Lending and Servicing, Credit Reporting

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is working to make sure that financial services providers – like debt collectors and mortgage lenders – follow the law. They keep a close watch to keep you from getting treated unfairly. This week, the CFPB released a report on their supervision work in several areas, including mortgage lending, mortgage servicing, debt Continue Reading

  • ALERT! Wells Fargo Sued for Allegedly Opening Unauthorized Customer Accounts: 3 Things You Can Do

    The Los Angeles City Attorney (Mike Feuer) on Tuesday filed a civil lawsuit against Wells Fargo alleging the bank opened up savings and checking accounts and issued credit cards in customers’ names, without authorization.  The lawsuit further alleges that Wells Fargo failed to inform customers of the alleged misuse of their personal information and did Continue Reading

  • Thirty-Five Things in 12 Months: CFPB Working for You–2014 in Review

    As this year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the many actions the CFPB has taken to defend your rights as a consumer of financial services and products.  The CFPB has a tough job, as we all know, and they’ve done it well.  They are an indispensable Continue Reading

  • Debt Collectors Descend Upon Seniors–Thousands Complain to the CFPB

    It seems like seniors are constantly being bombarded by products and practices that try to separate them from their money.  If it’s not another pitch for a reverse mortgage or an insurance product they might not need, it could be a phony debt collector trying to scare someone into paying for a debt they do Continue Reading

  • CFPB Cracks Down on U.S. Bank’s Crummy Practices

    Nearly half a million U.S. Bank customers will get money back for the bank’s bad habit of selling consumers services that it did not provide, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced today. The CFPB is ordering U.S. Bank to return $48 million to the 420,000 customers it enrolled in identity protection and credit monitoring Continue Reading

  • New Animated Video Series Helps Consumers Facing Debt Collection Lawsuits

    By Guest Blogger Marc Priester The debt collection industry has come under fire in recent years for using strong-arm tactics to get people to pay debts – whether they actually owe them or not.  Sometimes it’s the excessive phone calls and illegal threats.  In other cases, debt collectors use the court system to ratchet up the pressure. Last Continue Reading

  • Let the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Continue To Do Its Job

    (Cross-posted from Consumer Reports Online in an article by Stephen Saltzman) On July 21, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will mark its fourth anniversary. The consumer financial watchdog, created by Congress in the wake of the financial crisis caused by shady mortgage lenders and Wall Street abuses, has done a lot for consumers in just Continue Reading

  • CFPB: Fixing Consumers’ Toughest Credit Reporting Issues

    When you find an incorrect item on your credit report, it’s not always easy to get it fixed. Fortunately, consumers have an advocate working hard on their side. For the past three years, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been there to help consumers resolve their problems with financial services providers – from credit Continue Reading

  • Wall Street’s Latest Wishlist For Congress Would Make Even the Pharmaceutical Industry Blush

    Do you know what stands between the American people and another financial crisis? Two things. The first is a little but scrappy federal agency that just happens to be the most important institution to emerge out of the crisis, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). And the second is defeating the the Wall Street Wishlist. Continue Reading

  • CFPB Calls Out Credit Bureaus and Debt Collectors for Abusive Practices

    Have the credit bureaus and debt collectors been meeting their legal responsibilities to treat consumers fairly? We’ve long argued that credit bureaus and debt collectors need to be held more accountable for breaking the law and harming consumers. Luckily, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been taking a closer look. In the CFPB’s latest Continue Reading

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