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8.3 million Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. We’re pushing for reforms that give you the tools you need when your sensitive financial information is compromised or stolen.


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  • Off Target: What to Do If Your Information Is in Peril

    by guest blogger Caitlin Watkins Are you one of the 40 million Americans who had their debit or credit information stolen in the recent Target security breach?  If you shopped at any Target store from November 27 to December 15th and used a credit or debit card, you are mostly likely very concerned about your Continue Reading

  • Don’t Lose Money to Email Fraudsters

    More than one million people reported losing money to fraudsters in 2012, according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) data. The extent of the victims’ losses: $1.4 billion. And this is just the scams that were reported –total estimates of the amount lost to fraud range from $40 to $50 billion a year. The most common Continue Reading

  • ID Theft Alert! Alleged Fraudster Caught Selling Consumer Data Online

    If you think that monitoring your credit report for fraud isn’t all that important…well…think again. According to a new federal lawsuit just made public last week,  a fraudster-friendly website has been reselling consumer data to enable ID theft.  The  website, called,  marketed the ability to look up full Social Security numbers, birthdays, drivers license records Continue Reading

  • Beware of a New Identity Theft Scam

    We were alerted of a new identity theft scam by some leading consumer academics and wanted to share it with our readers. Apparently, it’s affecting the MidWest and rapidly spreading.  Bottom line, Be informed and NEVER give anyone your personal information when they call you.   From the 7/26/12 Credit Slips blog entry: “A heads up regarding Continue Reading

  • Help the Office of Privacy Protection Celebrate Another Birthday

    Do you care about your privacy?  Your kids’ privacy?  Then you should care about the fate of the COPP. The California Office of Privacy Protection (COPP) is about to be eliminated.  This important state agency has helped out individuals and businesses with sticky privacy issues like identity theft, online child safety, cyber security, financial privacy and Continue Reading

  • ID Theft Alert: Digital Copiers

    CBS ran a story about what they found on four digital copiers.

  • America’s Most Wanted takes on Identity Theft

    Guest Post: Jaimee Napp, Executive Director, Identity Theft Action Council of Nebraska

  • Consumers Union Activist passes strong ID Freeze law

    Congratulations to Jaimee Knapp and Nebraska for passing the Security Freeze Enhancement bill into law!
    Without Jaimee Napp, Nebraskans probably wouldn’t have the identity theft protections they have today. She came to Consumers Union only a few years ago as an identity theft victim motivated to make change. Since then, she has set up Identity Theft Action Council of Nebraska and has brought awareness to legislators, media and the public.

  • To Catch An Identity Thief…For Free

    Chances are, you’ve been offered an identity theft service by your credit card company or bank, or seen an ad during a baseball game, or bombarded with offerings to prevent identity theft from happening to you just about everywhere you go…and of course, for a fee. But do these services actually work, and what exactly do they do? Consumer Federation of America has a new report, “To Catch a Thief: Are Identity Theft Services Worth the Cost?” to help answer these important questions.

  • Nebraska Identity Theft Bill Advances

    GUEST POST by Jaimee Napp, Executive Director of Identity Theft Action Council of Nebraska:

    Recently, the Nebraska Unicameral unanimously gave its first round approval to a security freeze enhancement bill (LB 177). In 2007, Nebraska passed The Credit Report Protection Act allowing all Nebraska consumers to freeze their credit.

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News Articles

  • Connecticut Governor signs ID theft law
    Source: Insurance Journal (Sunday July 10, 2005)

    Under a new law signed by Governor M. Jodi Rell, consumers in Connecticut will have the right to put a security freeze on their credit files to prevent identity thieves from opening new credit accounts in their names.

  • Feds lag on ID theft notification
    Source: CBS News (Tuesday June 28, 2005)

    While California requires companies to notify consumers about data security breaches and an increasing number of states are passing similar laws, Congress still hasn’t enacted a federal notice requirement.

  • 40 million credit cards hacked
    Source: CNN (Friday June 17, 2005)

    Over 40 million card accounts were exposed to potential fraud due to a security breach that occurred at a third-party processor of payment card transactions.

  • States scramble to protect data
    Source: Washington Post (Saturday April 9, 2005)

    Lawmakers in numerous states around the country are considering bills to give consumers the right to put a security freeze on their credit files to keep identity thieves from opening new accounts in their names.

  • Is your personal data next?
    Source: MSNBC (Monday April 4, 2005)

    The recent rash of data security breaches has put an estimated two million Americans at risk of identity theft and underscored the need for stronger consumer safeguards.

  • Social Security numbers widely available
    Source: Washington Post (Sunday April 3, 2005)

    Despite public outcry over recent identity theft scandals, Social Security numbers remain widely available to would-be crooks.

  • Editorial: Freeze identity theft
    Source: Seattle Times (Tuesday March 15, 2005)

    The Seattle Times editorializes in favor of legislation to allow Washington State residents to put a security freeze on their credit files to thwart identity thieves.

  • Privacy Showdown
    Source: Forbes (Wednesday August 11, 2004)

    Financial industry trade groups have gone to court to try to stop a California law that gives consumers new rights to protect their financial privacy. The outcome of the court fight will decide the fate of the strictest state privacy law on the books and whether federal law preempts such state laws.

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