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8.3 million Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. We’re pushing for reforms that give you the tools you need when your sensitive financial information is compromised or stolen.


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Blog Posts

  • Those Sensitive Numbers

    It’s not that ID theft is the new hot topic, but the Washington Post has a couple of good articles that ran recently regarding those numbers that should be handled or guarded with care.

  • Don’t Pay for a Fraud Alert

    Don’t be fooled into paying for services that place a fraud alert or help stop the junk mail from coming in. These are both required by law to be free!

  • WSJ Article: Squaring Off!

    What do two experts think about data security breach notification laws? Our own Gail Hillebrand “squared off” with Oliver Ireland, of Morrison & Foerster in today’s Wall Street Journal.

  • Eight more states

    Eight more states had their security freeze laws go into effect at the beginning of the year. The security freeze can help protect your identity and your finances. It lets you lock up your credit files so that fraudsters can’t open up new accounts and rack up mountains of debt.

  • Pennsylvania, It’s Time to Freeze

    Your credit that is–starting January 1, 2007. SB 180, a security freeze bill, was signed into law last week by Governor Rendell.

  • News from Transunion

    Have you heard about the latest data security breach? This one’s at Transunion! Apparently, someone in Arizona tapped into more than 1700 people’s credit information with one password.

  • Still on the Lookout

    Even with the new Congress, reports, “Not everything looks so rosy on the identity theft front. Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH), sponsor of what critics (including Consumers Union) called the ‘worst data bill ever,’ retained his seat in Congress, though he will lose his position as chair of the Transportation Subcommittee.

  • Hunting for Hackers and Thieves

    David Lazarus wrote a column that appeared in last Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle about Gymboree (a children’s clothing company) and their independent investigation to try to find out how laptops with employees’ sensitive personal information went missing.

  • Can Pictures Really Combat Hackers?

    As someone who banks on-line, I have wondered whether these Site Keys (those little random pictures that pop up once you log onto your account) really help combat identity theft and fraud. So–do they really help keep you and your money more safe?

  • Are You Knee Deep in Credit Card Fees?

    You’re certainly not alone. A recent GAO (Government Accountability Office) report on credit card industry practices found that over one third of credit card holders were charged a late fee last year. Now, you might be saying that this is all the consumer’s fault, but not when the terms are muddled and undecipherable in itty-bitty print, or when you’ve sent the bill in on-time and for some reason it didn’t get processed until after the due date.

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