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New Bill in Congress Would Take the Hassle Out of Switching Banks

Have you ever tried to switch banks – only to find that moving your money can be a real hassle? Banks make it difficult for customers to switch to a competing bank or credit union. Rerouting direct deposits and automatic payments can be a confusing and frustrating process that takes several weeks to complete. Some Continue Reading

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How To Move Your Money: Video new video showing you the step by step process to move your money safely

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Great New Coverage On Our Prepaid Card Campaign

Watch the video “ConsumerWatch: Prepaid Reloadable Cards May Come With Fees” featuring our own Michael McCauley

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Liz Warren Wants To Hear From You!

The CFPB’s website, has gone live and they are looking for your suggestions.

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Message From Professor Warren: Launch of Website

DYD received a great email from Professor Warren today announcing the launch of the CFPB’s new website.

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DYD on the Rachel Maddow Show- Watch Here

Watch Gail Hillebrand talk about how the CARD Act will affect you on the Rachel Maddow Show

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After beating foreclosure, Georgian speaks out for financial reform

Earlier this week, Consumers Union President Jim Guest joined Senators Menendez and Reed at a news conference in Washington to underscore how financial reform will benefit consumers. But the real star of the news conference was Gloria McAlpin, who we first met in 2008 when we produced our “Faces of Foreclosure” video series.

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Bankzilla’s Rampage Continues

Oh no they say he’s got to go.. Whoa Oh Bankzilla

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Banker Man attacks on Capitol Hill!

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Is your bank taking a big bite out of your wallet with interest rate hikes, hidden fees, and other unfair practices? You’re not alone. That’s why we launched our “Banker Man” stunt today in Washington.

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Credit Unions Promoting Idol-esque Video Contest

Pretty funny and fantastic idea to promote Credit Unions and the Move Your Money spirit.

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